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Commercial Building Loans
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100% Commercial Building Financing

Business owners looking to purchase their own commercial building with up to 90% financing and get pride of ownership for your business operations, we can help!

BRT Financial can help with the right type of 100% commercial mortgages Nationwide!

Businesses We Fund:

Commercial Real Estate Financing for Restaurants and Food Services, Supermarkets and Grocery Stores, Hotels and Motels, Dental Practice, Veterinary Physician Practice, Doctors and Physician Practices, Auto Body Shops, Automotive Repair Shops, Convenience Stores, Florist and Gift Stores, Beauty Salons, Dry Cleaning and Laundry Stores, Nail Salons and Day Spas, Furniture and Home Furnishings Retail Wholesale, Clothing Stores and more!

Office Building Financing

Office Building Loan

Office Building Financing: Modern office buildings containing a minimum of 5,000 square feet of net rentable area and adequate available parking in suitably zoned commercial locations. Strong preference for properties located within planned industrial parks or in cities where the office market are strong.


Apartment Building Loans

Multi-Family - Apartment Financing

Muti-Family Apartment Financing: Lending nationally and program is available in major markets, secondary cities. Existing apartments are in good condition, although older properties will be considered. The loan may not exceed 90% of value or the amount that has a minimum DSCR of 120%.


Warehouse Financing

Warehouse Financing

Warehouse Financing: Strong preference for properties located within planned industrial parks in cities where industrial market is strong and occupancies are high. Preference for high-ceiling warehouse and distribution buildings rather than R&D or service center space and possess all requirements.


Retail Center Financing

Retail Center Financing

Retail Center Financing: Retail and community shopping centers. Anchored, unanchored, outlet centers and single tenant buildings will be considered. Facilities should have been completed and in operation for at least 12 months. Properties built or substantially renovated since 1985 are preferred. LTV may not exceed 80%.


Hotel Property Financing

Hotel Financing

Hotel Property Financing: Hotel and motel properties including both franchised and independent facilities. For underwriting purposes the maximum occupancy will be the lesser of prior year actual or 75%. Properties with less than 60% occupancy are generally ineligible for conventional financing. Operating cash flow with trailing 12 months results.


Medical Building Loan

Medical Building Financing

Medical Building Loans For Professionals: Help For Doctors With FICO Scores Down to 640! Up To 100% Financing - Owner-Occupied or Occupy 51%. Lower DSCR Minimums and specializing in commercial office financing for hard-to-finance owner-occupied healthcare building for your practice. Why pay your landlord rent become the landlord!


Self Storage Financing

Self Storage Loans

Self Storage Financing: Eligible properties include single and multi-tenant properties including warehouses used for storage, as well as self-storage facilities. Getting a storage loan for your property is possible provided it meets some of these basic conditions:


  Mixed  Use  Financing  

Office Building Financing

Mixed Use Building Financing: Mixed-use property contains a combination of commercial space as well as residential units that produce income. Although mixed-use properties have commercial income that they generate, and if too high a percentage of a property's total income is generated by the property.


Assisted Living Financing

Asissted Living Loan

Assisted Living Financing: Commercial loans for assisted living centers were both the property and business serve as collateral for the commercial mortgage. Loans are available for owner operator centers with strong current and historical financials.


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Business Commercial Real Estate Financing!

100% Commercial Building Financing

Commercial real estate financing building loans are used by many sectors of the business world to finance future investments and expansion efforts to grow their business. With the collapse of the U.S. sub-prime mortgage market a number of years ago, credit is increasingly difficult for business owners to come by. Lenders are reducing their exposure to high-risk ventures and lingering uncertainty about the credit market as well as the stability of the financial markets causing widespread reluctance to finance additional business ventures.

Fortunately for business owners seeking commercial real estate financing,the commercial sector is not directly affected by the developments from years ago. Although riskier commercial ventures will still be more difficult to finance with credit, the current economic climate has not stopped commercial lenders to fund the commercial building sector. While economic uncertainty would demand that all investors be prudent about entering into debt, most Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development countries are not in recession. In fact, they have actually experienced record growth and prosperity over the past decade. This lends some robustness to the major western economies.

Most business expansion is financed using commercial loans, so provided debt is entered into for purposes of investment, building, and expansion of the business (rather than a fundamental cash-flow problem). Debt is not in itself a negative thing. It is the return on that debt that is the problem.

Commercial real estate financing can be secured to fund the purchase of land for infrastructure and services development. Power plants, streets, utilities, shopping complexes, office or apartment buildings, parking facilities, parks, resorts, and golf courses, and even medical clinics are just a few such real estate investments.

Frequently, commercial property loans are sought as a means of refinancing existing debt to increase the total value of the investment. It is possible for private investors and companies to make a career in the reiterative process of reinvestment. Financing the cost of expansion against the projected profits of the venture can be ?uite lucrative. It is true that there is still some volatility and uncertainty about the stability of the western economies. Conse?uently, investors should be as vigilant as ever about entering into unprofitable arrangements. Such factors influencing profitability include cost blowouts, too little potential return or inherently risky ventures. Investment consultants have made a market for themselves in advising smaller scale investors on commercial real estate financing, and providing them with the means of determining which projects are worth entering into, based on the available information. This includes taking into account the possible blowouts, and considering what might go wrong with any given project.

Taking advantage of commercial real estate financing in the current market can be lucrative for you. By applying basic rules of thumb, and not investing beyond certain thresholds, investors can increase their chances of sticking to projects that are within their means. With the use of specialized software, this process can be further streamlined, allowing financiers to quickly weed out which projects are potentially unprofitable. Based on the available data and taking into account uncertainties and potential threats to the project, financiers can make smarter lending decisions.

The key rule of business is to generate a healthy gross profit and work environment to get maximum output from your employees. Remember that it is not just about your customer who would appreciate clean, state-of-art, professional looking office space and building. Commercial Real Estates Financing for Building financing can provide the capital required for prime quality commercial space and the overall pride of building ownership.

BRT has a mission to help little and average sized entrepreneurs by giving a basic and helpful alternative to customary business credit. Our business Commercial real estate financing program gives a true answer for entrepreneurs confronted with the truth of finding building loans for business real estate ownership.