Commercial Building Financing For HealthCare Practices!

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The Loan Program:

Medical Building Financing Property Type:

HealthCare professional properties including both condo and independent facilities.

Loan Limits:
Loan Amounts Starting at $250,000 and the loan-to-value ratio may not exceed 90%. The minimum debt service coverage ratio must be at least 1.20.

Occupancy Requirements:
For underwriting purposes the building must be occuppied 51% with the medical practice professional.

Underwriting Assumptions:
Operating cash flow (with primary reliance on medical practice cashflow for 36 months results) will generally be adjusted for underwriting purposes.

Borrowing Entity:
Generally, a single purpose entity is required.

Loan Term:
20 years with amortization based on 20 years.

Interest rates are adjusted quarterly based on Prime Rate.

The borrower is responsible for all closing costs and required reports (appraisals, engineering and environmental reports, surveys, etc.).

The loans are generally recourse to borrower.


Reserves: Tax and insurance reserves are required. Also, a capital reserve escrow will be established and funded monthly based on a rate of not less than 1/12 of 5% of gross annual revenues.

Prepayment is customarily permitted after 5 years. Special prepayment terms may be available where required.