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Medical Office Building Loans

Nationwide Financing

Loan Profile

Eligible Property Types:

Suburban and urban office buildings, professional and medical office buildings. Single tenant office properties or 51% owner-occupied with long-term leases located in strong markets are also eligible for this program.

Loan Size:

$250,000 - $2,000,000

Eligible Locations:


Loan Term Amortization:

15, 20, 25 Years


First lien position as certified by title insurance policy on property. Collateral assignment required; subordination of tenant leases may be required.

Loan Pricing:

Determined by pricing matrix.

Debt Service Coverage Ratio:

Minimum DSCR of 1:1 depending upon property type, age, physical condition, location, and competitive market position.

Loan-to-Value Ratio:

Up to 80% of MAI appraised value conforming to FIRREA.

Cash Out Refinance:

Borrower must justify proceeds to be used for business purposes only. Minimum 2 years ownership; maximum LTV 80%.

Loan Escrows:

The borrower may be required to contribute monthly to an escrow account for real estate taxes and property insurance. The borrower may also be required to establish a monthly capital replacement escrow reserve equal to the greater of (a) 5% of gross revenues or (b) an amount to be determined on the basis of an engineering report and site inspection.


Complete Summary Appraisal required.

Environmental Insurance/Screen or Phase 1:



Updated survey required unless title company agrees to delete the standard exceptions from the title policy.

Reserves at Closing:

The borrower shall establish a remediation/repair reserve at closing equal to 125% of required deferred maintenance repairs as indicated in the environmental and architectural/engineering reports.

Eligible Principals:

U.S. citizens, permanent resident aliens, non-permanent resident aliens (with restrictions); majority principal owners cannot be on probation or parole.


Must be personally guaranteed by all 20% or greater owners of real estate or operating entity.

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